Answering your questions about yourdrop

How can I place my order on Yourdrop?

Yourdrop offers you multiple mediums to place your order the mediums that you can place your order are- Website, Mobile Application (both Android & iOS) and WhatsApp. You can place your order via any of the above suggested mediums on Yourdrop. For more details visit

Can we order on Yourdrop all daily needs products?

Yes, Yourdrop provides you the delivery of all daily needs products as well as as other essential items, pet supplies, grocery, fruits and much more

Is COD available on Yourdrop?

No, currently Yourdrop does not offer COD but for other payment modes you can check the details on our Payments Page listed on

How can I partner my Shop with Yourdrop?

Yourdrop always welcomes shop owners to be a part of our network, to do so you can call us on +917290865352 or mail us at

How can I become a delivery partner for yourdrop?

Yourdrop is always looking for able delivery providers who can partner with yourdrop and help themselves as well as yourdrop succeed. To become a delivery partner with yourdrop call us at +917290865352 or mail us at

Which all locations is yourdrop offering its service?

Currently yourdrop is operating in the region of Delhi-NCR but soon will be expanding its operations to other places as well. You will be notified about new locations as we start operating there.

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